A person sitting in the lotus position with seven chakras on their shoulders.

Aura Reading/Chakra/Energy Reading/Photo Reading/Face Reading

An Aura is described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with his/her energy.

With the Aura/Chakra reading, I will go into your energy and let you know intuitively which chakra is unbalanced and needs work. I advise you on your Aura Colour and give you remedies to correct it.

Photo Reading/Face Reading is where i read the energy of a person face to face or via an unfiltered picture. I will advise on the issues with the energy.

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Loves ones

Connecting with your loved ones in heaven (including pets)

An intuitive reading is provided to those who are seeking answers to their questions or simply wanting to find closure from a loved one that passed.
Pictures of your loved ones must be provided during this reading. It helps me go into their energy and give you an in-depth reading.

A close up of tarot cards on top of each other

Mini Angel Card

I will use Angel Tarot cards and to give you a reading about your past/present/Future. I will read your energy and use my intuition for an in-depth reading regarding your love life/career/money.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Cost: $88

Duration: 30 Minutes

Cost: $88

Duration: 15 Minutes

Cost: $50

A woman with long blonde hair and white wings.

Full Angel Tarot Reading

I will use Angel Tarot cards and to give you a reading about your past/present/Future. I will read your energy and use my intuition for an in-depth reading regarding your love life/career/money.

A person holding a feather and smoke in their hands.

House Clearing and Blessing

A House Cleaning and Blessing is ideal for anyone that is currently moving into a new space or just want to change the energy within their space. This is perfect for those who feel that they may have negative spirits in their house. Duration and Rates may vary based on the location.
Parties: Book a party of 6 or more! I come to you!
Duration and Rates may vary based on the location.

A person 's hands with their arms open and the sun shining through them.

Reiki Healing

30 Minute Reiki/Pranice Healing Session is for those who are looking to clear their current energy. If you are feeling down, suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain. I will clear your seven main chakras and remove your energy blocks so that you feel more balanced and refreshed.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Cost: $88

Duration: Varies on size of house

Cost: $88

Duration: 30 Minutes

Cost: $88

A person sitting in the middle of an empty space.

Manifestation 5 day Challenge

I teach you how to manifest your dreams. It's a 5 day challenge and you get an outline of the course and materials. We meet online or in person for an hour everyday for 5 days. You will receive homework everyday, which you will have to complete. After the 5th day, you will feel confident as to how to manifest your life!

A pink crystal is sitting on top of a chain.

Pendulum/Intuitive Reading

You ask 10 clear and concise questions and I will use I will read your energy and use my intuition for an in-depth reading.

Duration: 5 Day

Cost: $88

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